Dead Rising 2

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  • Use the combo weapons as much as you can. Usually they're far and away more effective than melee weapons you can just pick up. You also get PP for every kill - the amount varies between weapons but usually you get more PP for sillier kills.
  • You get most of the combo cards by levelling up, but some are acquired after certain psychopath battles or survivor escorts, and others can be acquired by looking at movie posters around Fortune City. For example, there's a poster near the coffee shop where you emerge from the safehouse exit.
  • You can still make a weapon without having its combo card, but you will only get half the PP per kill and won't be able to use its special move.
  • For general everyday zombie killing, the best combo weapons are the nailbat (simply because of how easy it is to make), defiler, tenderisers and knifegloves. The latter two are especially good for psychopath fights since they can't be dropped accidentally. Try all the combos you can, though! It's half the fun of the game!
  • The knife gloves are one of the best combo weapons in the game and both weapons you need for them (boxing gloves and a knife) are both in the Royal Flush Plaza. Use them. Love them.
  • Forget everything you know about Dead Rising survivors - between the first and second games they appear to have acquired a few brain cells. Their pathfinding is pretty much faultless, although sometimes you will have to wait for them to catch up if they get caught up in zombies. They're decently sturdy too, and if you arm them, they can hold their own against zombies (they won't use combo weapons though). The only thing you have to worry about is losing them over an area transition - make sure they're close enough that a green door icon appears by their name before making the transition.
  • Some survivors are so badly wounded or weak that they need to be carried. However, if you have the Leadership magazine, they will be able to run, but not fight.
  • There are four Zombrex boxes lying around the game world - one in each of the Americana, Yukatan and Slot Ranch casinos, and one in the underground tunnels - after Case 2-2 go out onto the tracks and hang left, and you should come to it up on a raised area on the left. You also get Zombrex from a couple of survivors and psychopaths. Even accounting for other survivors that need it, you shouldn't ever need to buy Zombrex for the extortionate prices that the pawn shops sell it for.
  • Unless you're doing a Saint Run (which is not recommended for a first playthrough at all), I'd advise that you ignore the survivors who ask for Zombrex. There's only like 5 free ones in the game, and they're all in really out of the way places, and they cost ~20,000 dollars at the store. That's valuable stuff and your daughter needs it.
  • Be prepared when you fight the Chef psychopath. He's basically the Adam the Clown of Dead Rising 2, and he will wreck you if you just wander in with 2 healing items and half a sword or whatever.