Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

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  • Money and experience is shared between Story and Sandbox modes. Dicking around in sandbox mode can get you experience and cash for the story, though it's probably faster to restart the story if you get stuck, like in Dead Rising 2 of old.
  • Make knife gloves and keep some on you asap, boxing gloves+bowie knife is the combo, there's a knife right outside the safe room on the roof of a small shop there, right next to it are the gloves. Those gloves are guaranteed boss killers.
  • Make painkillers, 2 of any alcohol at a blender, just go to any of the casinos and you'll have all the supplies you need.
  • For your first run, save people and simply explore, EXPLORE A TON, if you can get somewhere really high up or hard to get to, there's probably something up there.
  • Learn the hidden zombrex locations so you don't have to buy them.
  • Though with sandbox that doesn't matter much I guess since the cash carries over.
  • You can only start a coop game after you've started a character. After everything goes to hell, you'll get a pop-up.
  • Coop is amazing, play it.
  • No, you can't rebind controls in the PC version.
  • You can rack up lots of PP by running over zombies with a lawnmower, a gadget made from a lawnmower that's taped to something else, or one of the carts in the zone with all the space arcade games.
  • Like in previous Dead Risings, you can run from nearly every boss fight. If a boss is slaughtering you, save him for a later playthrough. Some boss fights really feel like they want you to have the Dodge Roll, and you might simply have not unlocked it yet.
  • Try to visit every Maintenance Room. They're located on your map, and each has items inside or right nearby for building combo weapons. It's a great way of staying armed and learning new combinations.
  • The "Leadership" book makes survivors who otherwise need you to carry/support them able to run on their own. I don't think that's clear from the in-game description.