Dead Space 2

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  • You want a long-range gun and a close range crowd control weapon, as well as your plasma cutter and a "special event" weapon, probably either the mine launcher or contact beam. The javelin gun can work well as a long range one. For close range, consider the force gun or line gun. Even the flamethrower is a little better this time around.
  • Nodes put into the plasma cutter are never wasted. Seriously, that thing is absolutely awesome. The circular saw is also great to incapacitate quickly most of the enemies, just be sure to finish them off or else you'll get crowds of legless monsters after you in the latest parts of the game.
  • Always keep one node on you at all times, to open the doors. You find schematics and loads of goodies behind them.
  • The Plasma Cutter may be your first weapon, but it remains good for the entire game. Plus it's always easy/cheap to get ammo for.
  • The machine gun (forget the exact name) is my favorite weapon for the zero-grav sections, as it is accurate at long range and those sections tend to be largeish.
  • On that note, I found you have plenty of air by default, unless you get lost in the vacuum sections. Not worth spending nodes on imo.
  • Be very careful if you find a big room with lots of crates in it. Especially if you hear something that sounds almost, but not quite, like birds. Stasis and stasis cannisters are your friends.
  • There's a handful of quicktime events. I found that most of them are early in the game.
  • Midway into the game you can repurchase spent nodes on gear you used them on for 5,000 credits. So don't feel obligated to sit on them if you like one of the early guns.
  • It's generally better to grab ammo capacity on any of the guns whenever possible.
  • Ammo is more likely to drop for weapons that are currently in your personal inventory.
  • If you're on the PC version, all the DLC is free and ready to use at the first shop.
  • Play around with the different guns as you get them. Some of the shittier ones from the first game have been upgraded, so there's a semblance in balance. Pick something you like using.
  • Like the first one curb stomp enemies after they are "dead" for extra items. Sometimes the bodies will despawn when you're not facing them, so it might be worth it to shoot the bodies if you know you'll be looking away as they are likely to drop ammo.
  • Be careful where you shoot, sometimes the game likes to add glass walls that will suck you out into space.
  • Later in the game there is a certain small enemy where if you kill them with a head shot, you can toss their corpses that explode on impact. This will save you ammo and can clear out a few necrodudes if you're in a pinch. You'll know when you'll see them.
  • The laser grids that act as security can be deactived by tossing something into the lasers.
  • If you're really jumpy when it comes to bodies or you're just not sure, you can test the body with your telekinesis.
  • There is a new game+, a harder difficulty, and an ultra (hilarious) weapon if you beat the game on that difficulty (bugged on the PC version).