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  • Learn how to mix your playstyle. Don't stick exclusively with guns or melee, as the game usually forces scenarios onto you demanding one or the other. Melee exclusives will get shredded by cover fire that keeps them from regenerating and shooters will be flanked constantly, which keeps you from shooting. So mix it up.
  • Only get enough kills with the sai to unlock it's expanded move set. Don't boost the damage. The game's combo system works on how many hits you get and how many kills you get, with a certain number of points attributed to each type of enemy per kill. The Hammers give a bonus +50% to kill points when upgraded, while the other weapons only give +20% at max. So, for large combo gains, max out your hammers, thin out the enemies until one or two remain, then use the sai to rack up a large combo (x150 is fairly easy to achieve) for extra points. If you max out your sai, then it kills off the enemies before your combo can build.
  • In this regard, treat the SMG the same as the sai. Never boost its attack power. You can boost its other attributes, but keep the damage low to rack up combo points, then use another weapon for the kill for more kill points.
  • When given the prompt 'Press A to 'Who the f**K is Cable?!, you had better press A.
  • Your teleport on default sends you in the direction you are facing, but it can be aimed by using the left stick to a point relative to the camera (So if Deadpool is facing left, and you press up+b, he will warp to his right, which is up on your screen), even in the middle of a combo. So if you are fighting an enemy with a long straight attack, a wide area attack or if you want to warp into a crowd before using one of your momentum attacks, the teleport is great. It also has a half second of total invulnerability, which helps out with enemies with powerful attacks.