Death Road To Canada

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  • Set your team's AI to "Fightin'" mode so they actually contribute in a fight. Otherwise they'll only attack if a zombie happens to wander into their path.
  • Create a lot of custom characters with your own choice of traits and perks as they will go on to populate the recruit pool. Some game modes will even only draw from this pool.
  • If a location takes place around night time, carry a flashlight on the character you're controlling. You don't have to have it equipped, just having in your inventory gives you some light source. If you give the flashlight to an AI controlled character, they tend to do stupid stuff like equipping it as their weapon and inevitably breaking it. You can also find or buy a better, unbreakable flashlight that can be used as a weapon.
  • The game is not being facetious when they say throwing furniture is a valid strategy because it will let you knock down a row of zombies, often killing a few outright with multiple hits.
  • Strength is pretty key as it affects attack rate and damage of melee, which will be your bread and butter attack mode for most of the game. An amount of Fitness is also important but I tend to prioritize Strength upgrades when I can.
  • Shooting is a good alternative for characters with low Strength and Fitness or during Sieges, when you need to keep attacking even if fatigued.
  • Maxed out Medical will let you heal even if you run out of medical supplies.
  • Maxed out Mechanical will let you infinitely repair your car.
  • A very good custom character that I always use for my buddy slot is one with Civilized and Surgeon. He'll be one upgrade away from maxing out Medical, will do a decent job at Mechanical, and will excel at social events. He can even use charm with traders to get free stat and skill upgrades. You basically get a lot of utility at the trade-off of combat effectiveness.
  • Some fairly common weapons in the game are unbreakable, so if you find one you like, you can carry it without worrying about backups. Hammers, wrenches, tire irons, frying pans, and pipes are common ones.