Deathverse: Let It Die

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  • Movement is like LID except there is no stamina to concern yourself with, so you can sprint as long as you want. This also means so can everyone else. There is also a wall jump to reach higher ledges and fall damage does not exist.
  • Familiarize yourself with your given weapon. The game hands you the machete to start with (which is the most straightforward weapon class of the five currently available at time of writing) and there's a training room with all sub-weapons and mushrooms so you can adjust to what situation you want to prepare for.
  • In order to make things, you've gotta either find materials out on the field or you need to perform well enough that the materials are handed to you as a bonus.
  • Just because you've taken down five different players in a match to gain maximum attack power does not mean the guy who has been hiding in a bush all game can't ruin your day by shoving you over the ledge and out of bounds. Don't get complacent in a fight and mind where you're standing.
  • There are AI Hunters in this game that appear like a minute in. If they spot you, you need to hustle out of there and find some cover because they will not stop unless you do hide, they kill you, or until they run out of time. You cannot hurt them at all and you will die if you attempt to do so. In the event you're not the victim, they will leave the field and leave behind a goodie you can pick up for a ton of GP and thus a lot of attack power. Keep in mind anyone with the same idea will also go for it.
  • As the match goes on, areas will close up thanks to poison that will kill you quickly. If you and anyone else is still alive at the very end, there is a Final Showdown arena. If you do not make it before it is closed, you will instantly die.