Destiny 2

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  • Pick a class based on the super move and the class abilities. (Titan = tanky shield and deployable cover, Hunter = nimble bo staff and dodge move, Warlock = Sith on the loose and team buffs)
  • Do the story first. You're at a disadvantage in the Crucible until you've fully upgraded a subclass. (Hunter class almost requires the Dodge ability)
  • The sub-classes can all be unlocked in one play through, but you'll need a new character to change your main class. You'll have enough points to upgrade them all too, so get what you want.
  • You'll find better gear until Level 250, and then the hard cap sets in until you buy an expansion. (I believe Forsaken currently goes up to Level 600.)
  • If you want to play long term, join a clan and pick up all the expansions.