Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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  • the new remote hacking ability is insanely useful, especially with the upgrade. Basically lets you bypass lasers/cameras/turrets with ease, and you can disable bots for 30 seconds without using EMP ammo.
  • armor piercing ammo is important in this one. Lots of enemies seem to have helmets so if you want to quietly kill anyone with a gun, you'll need AP ammo to do it if they have a helmet. I feel like even unarmored enemies seem to survive pistol headshots in this game, so investing in the combat rifle is a good choice for any situation. Money is pretty plentiful so don't be shy about buying ammo if you're trigger happy.
  • exo suit enemies can be killed/taken down with your melee attack, but only if you stun them with EMP first
  • bots can be killed fairly quickly with armor piercing ammo. Stun them with a remote hack or emp ammo first to take them down (relatively) quietly.
  • bonus health doesn't appear to degrade over time, so the best practice seems to be popping painkillers to boost up to 200% health as soon as you drop below it. They're plentiful, so no need to hoard them. Hypostims are better for restoring health in combat anyway. Booze will also give you bonus health, if you can stomach the screen blur
  • Save often. The game has an excellent level of polish but there are some irritating bugs that can be problematic. They'll eventually patch this, I'm sure, but if you give a certain shopkeeper what he wants, and he says "go check out my basement and take what you want," be aware that while the basement is no longer a restricted area, the hallway leading to it is. Don't bound up the stairs and get immediately gunned down for being seen "somewhere you're not supposed to be."
  • Just because you plan on going non-lethal for your first playthrough doesn't mean a lethal weapon won't be really, really handy in certain situations.
  • You can do takedowns on civilians if you want, but you earn no EXP for them.
  • The aug that lets you see enemies' cone of vision is very handy if you plan on sneaking around.
  • As usual, look for stuff that's lying around. In the worst case, you can just sell all that wine and beer. Discovering stuff like ebooks, side paths, and alternate entrances earns you a handful of EXP, too.
  • There are quite a few instances where you'll love having activated the CASIE aug. It's cheap, and sometimes it's easier to, say, talk a dude into helping you out than to take him and his friends on or sneak around a restricted area to get what you want.
  • Capturing the red node in the hacking minigame immediately results in a success and gives you any software that was on the board. Unfortunately, many red nodes have one-way connections, but keep an eye out for those that don't.
  • Speaking of hacking, you always have the option of not spending the Praxis on hacking augs and just using a multitool instead.
  • The cloaked takedown aug is ridiculously useful. Just make sure to drag the body somewhere outside the enemies' patrol route before someone finds it.
  • Side missions are generally not too tough or lengthy but give decent rewards. They're worth doing.