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  • You can defeat most melee enemies simply by blocking, hitting them with a combo, and blocking again. You can deal with ranged enemies the same way, once you get close (great for handling Armagear soldiers).
  • Manually reloading a gun loses all the remaining bullets in the clip.
  • The mandatory boss battles all involve cyberspace. Whatever else your skill set may be, maximizing your hacking abilities is a good idea.
  • Unless you want to challenge yourself, there's absolutely no reason not to get the "hack enemies" skill. There are no hidden drawbacks - you can just hack everyone on the screen, take a bunch of enemies out, then hack the survivors all over again when they start to come around.
  • If you've installed the "Extra Outfits" DLC, you can access the outfits near the "Slicer Warehouse" in the Industrial Zone.