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These tips apply to the Early Access release.

  • The world is randomly generated, so your map will be different than everyone else's, however the biomes will be in generally the same locations.
  • The yellow flowers you will see right when you start are an excellent way to get early cash from John so you can purchase tools.
  • You can cook fruit and meat on campfires and improve the health/energy it refills.
  • Digging will hold the dirt on your shovel. If you want to dig multiple holes at once, you will need a dirt pile, or a wheelbarrow.
  • There do not appear to be biome restrictions on where plants can grow. Plant anything you want near your house.
  • Give yourself a large amount of space around your house for animal pens and farming fields.
  • Tools can break, but you can eventually buy a repair station. Repair kits to use the station cost 30k dinkums and are one time use, but they repair everything you have on you.
  • Base level tools can only be purchased from John, and are required to make higher level tools.
  • Using skills is the only way to unlock more licenses. If you want to get new tool recipes, use the appropriate skill!
  • The stone furnace cannot make iron ingots. Get the improved one from John. It works faster than the stone one anyways.
  • Smash every barrel you can find, those items are used for some advanced machines you can buy, the CDs can be traded to the tech guy for a LOT of dinkums, and the resources are also used to repair the teleportation towers.
  • Some animals require a bit of a beating before they can be trapped, some don't. If a trapped animal is struggling in the cage, beat it up a little bit. You may want to keep a lower damage weapon around so you don't accidentally kill it.
  • Trapping animals and sending them off for research is a fairly easy source of cash each day. Birds are a pain in the ass to catch if they can fly. Flying birds can be baited in to traps with seeds or meat. Other animals you can build a trap hallway via dirt and chase them into the trap.
  • The game has very big Animal Crossing New Horizons vibes, but is not time locked. It does not run in real time, and sleeping advances to the next day.
  • The residents you can obtain currently all have a function, from opening a store, to selling farming supplies, to creating very powerful machines, to selling clothes.
  • Improved farming tools are a MASSIVE improvement over the baseline tools. It may be worth it to grind farming out, whether you are ready to really work on it or not, just to get the copper can and hoe.
  • Windmills provide a significant increase to the production speed of the machines that can use it.
  • When delving in to the deep mine, make sure you bring any Old Keys you have found. Also bring torches. Also don't completely fail to notice there is a minimap and main map like I did for my first seven delves in to it.