Disciples: Sacred Lands

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  • Start out playing the Empire and Warrior Lord. Don't worry about upgrading your villages unless one of them is under constant attack.
  • Your first two parties should consist of a Pegasus Knight in the lower right, a fighter in the upper right, an archer at the lower left and a healer at the upper left. Unless you're playing against the Undead, you should always pick the Knight route for your fighters and the cleric route for your healers.
  • Build LOTS of thieves. Their poisoning abilities are vital to getting anywhere in the game and leveling your characters to the point that they'll survive a battle. Honestly, you'll be relying on thieves for everything and with good reason.
  • If you're unable to raid a dungeon with your current high-level hero, send a low-level hero to his death to weaken the enemy for your high-level hero. This is vital to many campaign scenarios for any race.
  • Hero-specific spells are required to win mid-game and late game battles. If you can't cast any spells before going into battle, don't go into battle.
  • Keep selling any valuables you find to merchants. Even if you only get 200 gold from everything that will be enough to get another thief onto the field.
  • Also, never leave any of your villages undefended unless its far away from the enemy lines. A two-portrait sized creature and an area-effect spellcaster should be plenty.