DmC: Devil May Cry

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  • Are you playing the remaster of DmC or vanilla? Hopefully its the re-master since it cleans up quite a bit of the more glaring mechanical issues the base game had.
  • Regardless, the only real combat tip you need to beat the game is to know that the Axe is God, but you'll likely figure that out on your own as it deals the most damage of all your weapons.
  • The scythe weapon whose name eludes me has a technique called "Prop". If you're in Vanilla "Prop" is basically a free-counter hit on 90% of enemies allowing you to follow up with a shit wrecking. If you're in remaster, sorry, you've got to time this a lot better.
  • Don't feel like you need to finish a Secret Room on your first try. You can access any that you've found again from a separate menu so if you're stuck on one you can finish up the level and just do the room later. Here's a more pressing trick the game doesn't mention, secret room difficulty is tied to the last difficulty you played at and the enemies contained within do scale. If you're having a tough time with a secret room that involves combat, boot up a mission on the easiest difficulty, quit out, and then try the secret room from the menu.
  • If you're using a guide to locate all the various gubbins the game throws out, be aware a few items had their placements rotated between Vanilla and Remaster. Nothing as outrageous as whole new areas, but it might be enough to mess with you if you're relying on a guide to point it out for you.
  • In terms of skill upgrades, Axe upgrades should take priority, as should any upgrade that grants you more mobility options.
  • If you're playing Vanilla, you're not allowed to beat the final boss unless you devil trigger prior to delivering the final blow. The game doesn't indicate this at all. This is not the case in the remaster.
  • You'll be expected to repeat levels if you want to get everything as there are items that can't be gotten on the first go round without abilities you get later.
  • If you're playing Vanilla or in the Remaster using Vanilla combat rules all that matters for your score is the total damage you deal in a combo. The remaster combat rules are stricter and extremely aggressive regarding scoring your combo so unless you're very fast swapping between move sets and weapons and optimizing all your abilities your score will be abysmal. Therefore if you're trying to maximize rewards or just having a hard time with combat switch to whatever they call the Vanilla combat rules.
  • You can break a lot of objects in the environment for free orbs. This is 95% of the use of the shotgun.