Dragon Quest III

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  • Whether you play the NES version or one of the remakes depends on how much you value extra content and mechanics over some of the unique quirks of the original game being homogenized.
  • Sell your stat seeds, or use them to patch up a character's weak stats. Stat growths have a soft cap, so trying to buff a Thief's Speed or a Mage's strength isn't worth it.
  • Bring a Cleric and a Mage for your first game. Your last slot can go to any of the other classes, there's arguments for any of them... except Jester. NEVER use a Jester in your starting party. They can turn into something much better in late-game, but don't use them until you feel you can reliably grind them up to level 20.
  • You get the opportunity later on to change any character's class. This resets them to level 1, and halves their stats. If you're methodical enough to meticulously plan it out, it can result in some ridiculously powerful characters, but otherwise, you probably shouldn't bother.
  • Going with fewer party members (or even solo) is a completely legitimate strategy, though somewhat more dangerous than having a full party. Probably not a good idea on your first run.
  • Mild midgame spoilers: You'll eventually meet someone who wants something to help with starting to building a town. Get him a new one instead of giving him one you already have.


  • Everyone should be female. Always. They have access to better personalities and exclusive gear.
  • You could easily make a very long, overly-involved breakdown of the best personalities to use, but it's usually not worth the trouble. Pick whatever seems cool, the only fiction these characters will have is whatever you make up.
  • If you really can't decide, make everyone Sexy (excellent general growths) or Amazon (big slow powerhouses). Males can substitute for these with Silly and Valiant, respectively.