Dungeon Keeper 2

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  • Portals put out 15 creatures, but every extra portal adds only another 5 to the limit.
  • You know that your rooms determine which creatures appear, but take note: whenever the portal ticks down to "spawn something o'clock", it checks the newest room you have and nothing else. If you build a workshop, quickly follow up with a library and leave the construction there, you might get 12 Warlocks and not a single Troll to build your traps.
  • Throwing creatures back in the portal puts their slot back up for a reroll. Unneeded imps go back in the dungeon heart for a small mana boost.
  • Try not to summon extra imps until you get your spell research going. The improved spell is often the first discovery and creates level 4 imps right out of the gate.
  • Possession: Rogues and Thieves can hammer keypad 0 to "disarm" (rapidly damage) traps and temporarily open hostile doors for themselves. Giants can use friendly imps and dwarves as throwing weapons. Monks can pray, slowly regenerating their health while standing still. Vampires can transform into bats, flying over deadly water and lava, and hypnotize creatures as per the Turncoat spell.
  • Bridges and reinforced walls count as claimed land for mana income.
  • Torturing heroes to death has no effect, the message only applies in one of Lord Ironhelm's lands in the campaign.
  • If you need corpses for your graveyard, slap them to death in the prison. That way you can pocket their collected wealth from the cell, nifty against Thieves that got to your unsecured gold or Treasuries. Dark Mistresses take their deceased torture victims' fortune for themselves.
  • Dropping held creatures stuns them, some for longer then others. Remember this when dropping your creatures into the path of enemies. Bile Demons take ages to get up, Mistresses are up in a flash.
  • The lightning bolt spell also knocks its target over, leaving them helpless.
  • Don't summon Horny near a hatchery
  • Leave the casino on generous, it'll keep your creatures happy and if someone wins the jackpot there's an amusing easter egg.