Dungeons of Dredmore

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  • You need: At least 1 decent weapon skill (sword, axe, mace) even if you're playing a mage, A crafting skill (warrior-smithing, archer-tinkering, alchemy-mage)
  • That said, alchemy allows you to brew alcohol. And potions. Combine with fruits and you'll be swimming in hp/mana restoratives.
  • You smelt more bars per ore when you have higher crafting skill. If you're planning on maxing it, it might be worth waiting.
  • If you open a zoo and then leave the level before defeating it, it'll stop counting as a zoo And as far as zoos go, Bolts of Squid and throwing bottles (particularly brimstone) are your friends.
  • Don't forget encrusting! Before you sell some junk, see if you can slap it onto a weapon or armor firs - ven if it's just an extra damage point or a single status effect, it still helps (and some of the on-hit effects are really good).