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  • The game's really difficult, so don't take chances. If you get a yellow signal in a room, prove whether it's safe or not another way - like opening a door to a green signal and seeing if that room changes because something has moved into it. And wait longer than you think, because some things are very slow to move when they're not wrecking your bots.
  • You can set custom aliases which speed up certain commands. In particular, something that tells your tow drone to go to room and tow whatever's there back to base saves a lot of typing. As is a 'fuck it, I quit' alias for quickly returning everyone to the ship.
  • I believe that rooms with vents in link to other rooms with vents in, so if you're in a room that has them, don't stay there. It may be safe now, but might not be later. Better safe than sorry.
  • Fuel is obviously a requirement, so prioritise getting more of it whenever you can.