Dynasty Warriors 3

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  • If you're having trouble on a level in Musou Mode, you can play in Free Mode with your character to improve their stats then when you go back to Musou Mode your character will keep the stat upgrade you got in free mode
  • Generally each level has one HP and Musou Up (Yellow Turban Rebellion has two). If you're grinding for life/musou, do short missions you can finish quickly.
  • Holding down the Musou button makes your musou attack last longer
  • Archers are horribly overpowered and arrows will always cause you to flinch. Always have Shelled Armour equipped and if you have Xtreme Legends, Musou Armor when unlocked. Learn to hate fighting Sun Quan because he has way too many archers.
  • You can save midbattle at any time and reload from that save over and over, even after dying. Abuse this for those long missions, especially when getting 4th/5th weapons.
  • He Fei Castle. Do not enter the central garden area. Ever. That is the worst mistake you could possibly make because it spawns an army of archers
  • Only you can kill commanders. Don't expect your allies to do it, but they make excellent targets for the enemy commander to attack.
  • Getting 1000 KOs gives your entire army 7 star moral which makes them near invulnerable
  • The Square-Square-Square-Square-Triangle (only possible with a level 2+ item) attack is great for combos, and killing enemies with a 8-hit combo improves the item they drop. For example a Attack/Defense +1 item becomes a +2 item. Gate Captains drop +1 defense items so killing them with a 8-hit combo makes them drop a +2 defense item, and there are a lot of gate captains
  • Gates always have a healing item in one of the urns. Run to them when you really need life.
  • Sun Ce is extremely overpowered and you should play as him the first chance you get due to his musou combo being absurdly powerful.
  • When killing officers, make sure to either bring a large squad of allies or to kill all the other enemies first. Named characters are not afraid to use cheap-shots from random shmucks on their side to chain-gank you into oblivion.
  • Yellow Turban Rebellion is hilarious for grinding up characters.
  • This is not a joke, Lu Bu will mess you up until you are extremely powerful. His combos do absurd damage, his horse is crazy, he's fast as hell, he attacks you the moment he gets up from being knocked down and he HAS BACKUP in the mission where you can fight him. Do not pursue Lu Bu. Until you are properly prepared/until you have a friend playing next to you so you can collectively whoop his cheating ass back to the stone age through modest use of teamwork.