Dynasty Warriors 4

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  • Zhou Tai. He has short range,unreliable when crowd control needed(lunges forward instead of 360 attack like many other) and probably have one of the smallest AoE Musou. On the other hand he is probably one of the best anti officer/hero character (if not the top one). His Musou, if the first hit lands lifts the opponent a little bit therefore eliminating any risk of missing or getting blocked if the consecutive hits are delayed(usually happens with spear using heroes). Carefully keeping him at red health level, spamming his basic chain and finishing with Musou usually means one-shotting any officer you came across. With his level 4 sword it is not even funny to run around and finish the whole level in 5 odd minutes.
  • If you have a choice to duel with an officer, the general consensus is to not do so. Usually in field combat you will have the advantage due to having that officer attack your allies giving you an opening to hit them; you lose this advantage in duel-mode as you are the only one fighting the officer.
  • The Wei campaign has him forced to assault Lu Bu. Do NOT kill Diao Chan - it will send him berserk, maxing out his morale and making him near-impossible to defeat.