Dynasty Warriors 7

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  • Try to unlock the weapons in conquest mode, the ones with the "<weapon type> master" seal as soon as you can. The sword and the halberd is absolutely sexy on just about everyone, the former has good combos and the latter turns you into Lu Bu.
  • I prefer to always have the officer assassin seal on my weapons and synergy as well, but that's in the eye of the beholder.
  • Battle for Supremacy is THE place to grind character sp.
  • Get a buddy and co-op. This makes the game more fun and reduces the time it takes to max out characters.
  • If the character has an innate <weapon type> master ability, get it ASAP as that will make them much more effective in battle.
  • Lu Bu is still tank.
  • Certain weapons can only be unlocked if you have smithing. Only three characters in the game have this ability: Guo Huai, Lu Meng, and Zhuge Liang. In order to buy the weapons, you gotta do it in a town while playing as one of them and obviously having the ability unlocked.
  • If your going to play story mode, keep in mind that most characters you play as will most likely die the very mission they are introduced.
  • When you start playing as a new character in Story mode, pause immediately and go to their skills. based on where you are in the story, you will have Sp to spend. Late game, this means you can max everyone out from the get go. If you play as a character you have not played in a while, this also applies to them.
  • In Conquest, you'll find Legendary Battle tiles. Beat them completely and you will unlock the character.
  • Though it is a pain sometimes, always max out a weapon's skill. Especially Movement Speed.
  • Weapon skills like Movement Speed and SP Up stack, so be sure to have SP Up on both weapons your character is using.
  • Pronunciation of names are they way they are supposed to be now. This may be a little jarring.
  • The last Twin Sword is gotten via 100% all of the Scholar's questions. Have fun.
  • You can buy Bodyguards in towns when the Merchant is in town. This let's you raise their loyalty a little and then you can make them a Sworn Ally in time.
  • Lu-Bu can be pursued fairly early I've noted. This might be me, but I took him down at the Battle of Shi Sui gate.
  • Find a weapon style you enjoy and stick with it. Almost every character can equip all the weapons, Gender Specific's aside, and with the Weapon Mastery for them you can run around using Flying Swords with everyone.
  • Switching weapons mid combo produces some interesting effects, but I never found it useful enough to keep doing.
  • You can buy a Pet that will follow you into battle. They include horses for just riding around (I found that two movement skills were more than enough), a tiger, a bear, and other various animal's that will join you in battle.
  • You can ride the bear. It is amazing.
  • You can change the song of the battle in the Pause Menu. Find a track you love and jam away as you shove sharp pointy objects into everyone.