Enter the Gungeon

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  • In true roguelikelike fashion, the game will get gradually easier the more items you unlock using Hegemony Credits, and the more people you unlock in the Breach.
  • Try the different characters, they have different abilities and starting items. Personally I think the hunter is best for beginners because they have more frequent drops and their crossbow is good enough to carry you through the first two floors if necessary. Other people swear its the marine because he has a faster reload speed and less spread with weapons. Its definitely not the convict.
  • Chests have a scale of quality - brown > blue > green > red > black > rainbow. Even brown chests can contain items worth having, and sometimes have a key inside as well.
  • There are two chests on every floor. One contains a gun, the other an item. Any chests which drop upon clearing a room may contain an item or a gun. Sometimes chests that drop are already unlocked.
  • If a chest is breathing, its a mimic. It will attack (and consume a key) if you try and open it, so shoot it instead. It will drop its item once defeated.
  • If a chest has a fuse burning down you can shoot it with any gun that fires a liquid (except oil) to put out the fuse. Or open it before the fuse burns down. If you dont have a key or a liquid producing gun, you might as well shoot it because...
  • You can shoot chests until they break if you haven't got a key for it. This will destroy the contents but, sometimes, give you junk (which can be sold, and has interactions with a couple of items) or a heart (or a lower quality item). Chests which explode due to a fuse burning down drop nothing.
  • The green dude in some shops who asks "did you bring me anything?" is the Sell Creep. You can sell stuff to him by dropping it on his grate (hold down on the d-pad to drop your current gun, up to hold your active item, drop passives from the map screen).
  • Ammo and guns/items not picked up before you leave the room will be lost. This does not apply to keys (or hearts, but you can save them for later anyway).
  • Don't be afraid of using blanks. You are given two per floor.
  • There is a secret room per floor which can be found by shooting walls (with any gun which doesnt have infinite ammo. Your starter pistol wont do it). If the wall shows significant cracking you've found it. They are opened by using a blank (or losing an armour) in the room (even if you havent shot the wall). There isnt an easy pattern to predict where they are going to be unfortunately, and the contents are so variable they arent always worth hunting for. Personally if I have blanks left after beating a boss I'll check the chest rooms, elevator room, and if they dont crack I'll let a blank off in the shop. These seem to be some of the more common places it will be I think.
  • There is a secret room in the Hall of Knowledge (the tutorial level). Its already cracked, so go through there and find it to see what you are looking for.
  • If you beat a boss without being hit they drop an additional item which gives you an extra heart container. It may take a while to get that good/lucky, but after a while you'll be getting them from the first couple of floors more often than not.
  • It's generally wise to always keep a key on hand. Also try not to open chest before you check the entire level. If you only have one key you'll want ot open the highest tier chest you can.
  • Don't feel bad if it feels too hard at the start. Most of the best items are behind unlocks.