Etrian Odyssey

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  • Make a separate team of survivalists early in the game if you're low on cash. On level one of the dungeon, there's a resource tile that you can use them to gather crap to sell from and make a decent bit of cash. They'll also be useful once you get to the second to last stratum of the dungeon for another resource point to loads of cash for the rare weapons.
  • On the first floor when starting out, there's a peaceful tile where it give you an option to rest. Don't do it unless you want to die.
  • The Medic's Immunize skill reduces both elemental and physical damage, despite the game's description of it. Easily the most useful defense buff in the game, learn to love it.
  • Mid-Late game, Survivalists will be huge in dealing damage, by using a combination of Volley and Multishot. It's definitely worth while to level one with your main group.
  • Alchemists poison skills, while great in the first stratum, will begin to lose their efficacy once you move beyond that. If you want to keep using an Alchemist, it's really a better option to just start up a new one if you speced it poison to make the first stratum easier.