Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

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  • There are no subclasses or grimoire stones in this game, instead you have multiple races and legendary titles for classes (unlocked after beating the second stratum's boss).
  • At the very start each class can only be used by a specific race. Once you beat the first floor's quest you can change to every class at the cost of 5 character levels. A new level 1 character will be able to change without penalty.
  • Everything but a character's portrait (but not the colors) and your selected race can be changed in the Explorers Guild. You can Rest at the cost of 2 levels to get all your skill points back. If you had chosen a legendary title you have to pick it again after resting.
  • Typically the default race-class combinations are fine, it just gives you the choice if you really want to optimize for a specific class build. For example, the Botanist class can specialize in status effects with their Smoke skills. However races with a higher Luck stat are better at inflicting ailments like that, so the default Brouni would be less successful at that particular thing than an Earthlain character.
  • It's nice to have someone from each race in your party. They have unique race/union skills which give you more choices in battle and make exploring the dungeon more interesting.
  • Forging allows you to improve your weapons, to a maximum of +5. You can use materials or ingots. Bronze ingots give a +1, Silver gives +3, and Gold instantly maxes a weapon. Once you no longer need a fully upgraded weapon, you can Recycle it to get material shards. 10 shards of a specific material will automatically be turned into a single ingot.
  • On the 3rd floor you can find a chest with the Memory Conch accessory. If a party member has it equipped and is alive at the end of a fight, a BONUS 10% of the total XP is generated and given to EACH inactive character in the Explorers Guild. You can have over 30 characters in total, so if you are unsure about your selected classes you can go wild creating characters and with use of the Memory Conch they won't start from scratch if you decide to tag them in.
  • On the 9th floor you can find a chest with the Allsight Crystal accessory. If you have a Celestrian with the Detect Mana skill it will point out nearby points of interest on your map. Chests, gathering spots, staircases and shortcuts.
  • The first stratum boss can be a difficulty spike. If you have a Brouni party member they can learn useful Union skills at level 15 (Hygieia's Bowl) and 20 (Aegis Shield) so you can defend against the big attack and recover.
  • A character with the Animal Care skill can find certain animals in the dungeon and leave them behind at Jenetta's Inn. After resting there you will occasionally get some food items in return. However, Jenetta is an all-or-nothing kind of lady, you'll get no food if you don't have enough free slots for all of her bounty (it might take 13 slots at one point).
  • If you have characters that use a lot of TP (mana) you could focus your food cooking on making Pancakes and Honeyed Fruits. If the character consuming them has the Gourmet skill it doubles the restoration effect from food.
  • A benefit of registering guild cards in this game is that you don't run into only Conrad from the Freeblade Guild while exploring the dungeon. The QR codes for them are region locked, so EU guilds won't work in NA, etc.
  • The DLC for this game was additional portraits, a repeatable quest to quickly grind XP, a similar one for money and a FM synth version of the game's music.