Everspace 2

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  • The game is a looter shooter at heart. Regularly look for upgrades to your equipment, even if it means changing weapon types.
  • Pay attention to the Challenges section under Data. Every star system has an explorer challenge that unlocks fast forward while in supralight, which is unbelievably useful. Make completing this your priority.
  • Different ships in the same class (striker, bomber etc) can have different passive abilities, so check those before you buy. Later, you'll be able to choose between 2 sets when you buy.
  • Flak cannons will pop an entire mining node in one shot, which is great for efficiency, but beam lasers give more and better materials if you mine with those.
  • Save the System Recovery Routine consumables; they are almost mandatory in a later system.
  • Each weapon/module of your ship has its own capacitor which charges and discharges independently of the others. The means if your pulse laser runs dry you can switch over to your coilgun and keep shooting, and if you manage to empty that then the laser will have recharged. Using your afterburners won't compromise your shield regeneration etc.
  • The various ship classes each have a unique ability that changes how they play - for example the Gunship has twice as many guns as anything else, doing double the DPS but running out of energy in half the time. The Bomber regenerates missiles, allowing you to use them freely. Etc.
  • You can disable your inertial dampeners, which means your ship will maintain its velocity without slowing down on its own. This is really useful if you're going for a faster, more mobile playstyle. By default this has no keybind, so you need to set it yourself in the options.