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  • ...the game gets really hokey and stupid in the last third, but either you'll finish it or you won't. Just don't take the story too seriously and don't get too attached to the superb mechanics of the first half of the game. I didn't and I finished it without much pause.
  • Spending your free time convincing yourself that people can fly might help as well.
  • Basically just enjoy it for what it is, its got really cool cutscenes, its not your planet earth its their own different reality and your playing this game in it, that should put your mind in an open enough position to enjoy any of the possible quirks this game develops.
  • I'd like to add that you might want to really take your time during the first hours of the game. It's quite easy to play through in one sitting, but since the latter third is pretty damn anticlimactic (in comparison to the first hours)... just take your time.
  • Play it on easy. It will reduce the pain of all the shitty quicktime events.
  • Don't assume that the guards behave like actual people in the stealth segment. Whether or not they spot you has virtually nothing to do with actual line of sight. Prepare to be frustrated.