Fights in Tight Spaces

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  • Don't expect to win the first few games you play: use them as opportunities to learn the mechanics, enemy patterns, and earn better cards.
  • Your goal should be to remove weaker cards from your deck and set up a deck with good synergy. Expect to have between 15 and 25 cards in your deck by the end of the game. It is okay (often preferred!) to skip card rewards if the options given don't contribute well to your deck.
  • Turn on the "Entity Data Always Available" option so that you can always see the enemy's hit points, block, and other important information. It also helps to set the "Hazard Information" option to "Always Visible" so that you can accurately see where the enemy will attack.
  • The quickest way to defeat an enemy is to remove them from the map by pushing them off the edge. Only a few late-game enemies are immune to this tactic.
  • Enemies with the "Aggressive" trait will only move when you use a Movement Card. Attack cards that move your character (like Front Kick) don't trigger this movement.
  • At the lower difficulty levels, you can replay a level from the beginning if you are defeated. If a fight goes especially badly, consider losing on purpose to try again.
  • Many cards which have a "combo points" cost don't use up combo points: they are essentially free so long as you have a high enough combo meter. Those that do use combo points will have an "X" icon on them: these are generally more powerful, but will set your combo points to zero.
  • Unless you are desperately in need of healing, it is better to spend your money at Gyms rather than Medical facilities. Removing dead weight and upgrading your cards is always better than healing or upgrading your maximum HP.
  • Never choose an Event which has the possibility of giving "permanent injuries." These are debilitating, remove one of your upgrade slots, and can only be removed at Medical facilities (causing you to give up a visit to the Gym). The reward is never worth the risk.