Final Fantasy Explorers

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  • After the initial free classes, the others requires you to progress through the story to unlock their missions with the following exceptions: Dark Knight and Blue Mage unlock from killing mobs (500 & 750). Paladin and Samurai unlock from collecting gear (95 & 150). Machinist requires you to collect 150,000 CP. Beastmaster from making 20 monsters. Redmage from learning the -Ga line of spells.
  • You can unlock better spells and abilities by progressing through the "story".
  • Monsters can level up and take up 1 to 3 slots. You can have up to 3 monsters out at a time. You cannot use monsters in co-op.
  • You do not level up.
  • You can freely explore the island by walking out the front gate at any time or riding the airship.
  • Crystal Surges require you to build up a meter. After certain thresholds and conditions are met, you can activate the mode which will add unique modifiers to abilities that are flashing. Do this enough and in town you can use the crystal to relearn your new modified ability. A skill can have up to 4 modifiers if you equip the new ability and repeat the process.