Final Fantasy Tactics A2

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  • There are no miss-able missions.
  • There is 1 miss-able item. You can get every single piece of loot even after you complete the game, with the very distinct exception of Strawood and Flutegrass (you can miss this), which I will get to in the next point.
  • There are no miss-able equipment. You can get at least 1 of every single equipment, and any equipment that you cannot get multiple times are not sell-able; they're grayed-out in the shop (convenient for you). However, in one of the main-storyline missions, you have the choice of making either a Shining Lute or a Brilliant Theorbo depending on whether or not you decide to get the one-and-only Flutegrass in the game from the quest. Make sure you make the Shining Lute if you're a perfectionist because you can only get 2 in the game, ever. You can get infinite Brilliant Theorbos.
  • You're going to get random drops and random missions. They do a pretty good job of forcing you to continue to switch classes. Later, you will get the staves and wands and shit for your more advanced spells, but in the meantime, continue to switch classes so that each character has a ton of different jobs. You pretty much have to, since you won't get weapons for a particular class quick enough.
  • I really haven't found any characters that are a must have. Considering you will have two classes abilities equipped to each character, it's nice to have mixed characters. The game really isn't that hard, so you can do what you want with classes and not be hurt too badly.
  • As soon as the weapon that teaches Double Sword is available, switch your humans to the Ninja class and let them learn it. Even if they aren't physical fighters, they'll at least be able to equip two weapons at once and learn techs/skills/spells twice as fast.
  • Stat growth is a big deal. You gain stats based on what class you have when you level up, and those stick regardless of switching around classes. generally, speed is best.
  • Have an idea of what you want a character to be before they even join. Magic classes are far more flexible than physical attackers.
  • Practice Auctions when they open. You can break the game with some awesome equipment. You start out betting over areas, but if you win them all, it turns into an item auction.
  • Some classes are unlocked by quests. Notably, any advanced class for Gira and Seeq are included.
  • Unlike FFTA, I don't believe there is any way you can miss any quests. As long as you complete the prerequisites, go to the right places, and wait (some quests only become available at certain times of the year), you should be able to get everything.
  • Accuracy also isn't as broken as in FFTA, but learn to attack from the sides and back whenever possible. Not only are attacks more likely to land but they're also stronger.
  • Toy with different classes to unlock more advanced ones. Try to keep at least one active member of each race circulating in your battles, more for races with many useful classes. This means you'll probably only need one each of Seeq, Gria, and Moogle, and 2 or more for other races like Viera.
  • Let the loss of resurrection or your clan bonus be the only consideration for whether or not to break an annoying law. After a certain point in the game all the bonus treasure you gain from upholding laws becomes mundane and practically worthless.
  • Get 2 Viera, and have them both learn the Spellblade "Bloodprice" ability. This allows them to use HP as MP. Set one of your Viera on a course to master the Red Mage & Summoner classes, and the other to master Assassin and Sniper. What you're looking for, ideally, is a Viera Red Mage that can Double-Cast Summons, and a high-speed Assassin that can spam her Ultima ability. It takes a lot of work, but they'll soon be racking up the most kills in your battles.
  • A Hunter Gria with the Ravager's ability set will devastate enemies. Their speed and mobility is so much better compared to other races that you might want to have 2.
  • For Humes, you'll want to focus on the Parivir, Ninja, Fighter, and Paladin. Blue Mages and casters can be fun but what you really want by late game is to have a few overpowered Parivirs with Geomancy (a Black Mage ability), or strong dual-wielders of the other classes.
  • Moogle classes are gimmicky and not very useful by end-game. The best option is probably to limit your party to only one moogle (the NPC bard you get mid-game), have it master the Juggler class, and play support roles in battle by speeding up the turns of your more powerful units.
  • Seeqs are another race with few useful options. Lanista and Berserker abilities are interesting (avoid Viking), but if you insist on using a Seeq keep it as a Ranger with the Item Lore ability and abuse its reverse item thing into the ground.
  • Completely forgot about the dumb Bangaa. I don't usually use them in any battles, but sometimes I drag Cid in as a Master Monk with Templar abilities, the Bangaa's 2 best skill sets.