Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

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  • Press X to select all.
  • Talk to everybody in the Sky Saloon between missions when you get it.
  • Get at least one of every weapon forged as they come up. You'll only be able to make one Everburn weapon for most of the game, but other than that it should be possible.
  • The game's very last battle is a gigantic difficulty spike. On top of that, the difficulty of the final battle is proportionate to your completion rate up to that point. This means that if you completed almost all the side missions before the end, while you'll be very powerful, you'll have to do a lot of grinding not to get curb-stomped.
  • Do all the missions you can (probably all but one or two), then grind at Midlight's Deep.
  • If you do every single last side mission before the final battle, the enemies will be at Level 99. And it's not quick or easy to get your characters up to that point either.