Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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  • Use an FAQ if you're anal-retentive about getting every character, some of them are totally non-intuitive.
  • Skills will disappear if you take them off a character, so make sure you want them on there before you slap them on.
  • Hold onto coins if you want to play the Wii Fire Emblem after this.
  • Always read all the conversations at camp, you can get items and neat bits of character backstory
  • Pretty minor character spoilers:
    Rolf is worth levelling up for sure, he's the best archer in the game. Misty is kind of eh, but there's a fight where you need to use her later on
  • Even if you don't want to power-game, you need to know how level-ups work. Basically, every level you have a chance of a stat going up. That chance is totally character-dependant: Ike might have an 80% chance of strength going up each level, while for your mages it might be in the 30s. Every time a character gains a level, the RNG rolls once for every stat. If it succeeds, you get a point, if it fails you don't. You're guaranteed at least one stat point per level up if you're just hideously unlucky (and you will be at least once or twice). If you're lucky or the character's really good, you can potentially gain six or seven points.
  • Also, save most of your bonus experience for characters who come in late and are under-leveled (the two guys I mentioned a few lines ago). Only use it to level up a character when the character's only a few points away from 100
  • Save an Occult Scroll for Ike
  • Titania is a "Jeigan" archetype - a character that starts out way higher leveled than everyone else. She CAN solo entire missions early on, but she won't get any meaningful experience, while your other characters need those kills to grow.