Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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  • Don't overuse Seth at first, spread out exp among your weaker units and only bring him in when you're in a pickle. Taking away his weapons and using him to tank can be pretty helpful. Once your units are somewhat caught up though, feel free to start using him. He has really good growths.
  • You have to bring Eirika/Ephraim on a lot of chapters, so don't neglect them. Ephraim is fantastic, so this shouldn't be a problem in his case. Eirikia's good too, just frail early on.
  • The trainee units (Ross, Amelia, Ewan) take a lot of grinding or patience to use. They'll be good, but barring Ross who joins early enough to easily level, not worth the effort.
  • The Bishop class (a promoted Mage, Monk or healer), deals effective damage to monsters, so they're pretty ridiculous.
  • Any enemy with a portrait that's not a boss is recruitable.
  • You don't have to grind at the tower to beat the game. There's nothing wrong with doing so, but there aren't any unfair difficult spikes either.
  • Most characters are pretty viable to use, although Garcia and Gilliam are some early game options that are kind of meh.
  • In chapter 14, you can recruit a character with an item called the member card. Stand on a certain tile on certain maps with the member card, and you'll get access to shops selling really good items.
  • Similarly, there's a map that takes place on a desert. Hidden in the desert are various treasures, have a thief step on the general area of one and they'll get one for sure, anybody else has a luck+1 chance of getting one.