Fire Emblem Engage

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  • There is a "point of no return" where you go to a church and the game lets you know you will be in for a series of battles. These battles all have the same squad you pick for the first one, and they are a big difficulty spike. Consider doing a little bit of side content before - the second battle of this series has a couple of level 17 people and a level 1 pre-promote join you, so you might want to aim for your main squad to be at around 15-16, which it probably will not be if you are not doing skirmishes.
  • Petting the dog and giving it food every time you go to the base is 200 guaranteed currency, plus there's a bit more in the grotto.
  • Going to the ring merge screen when you have an A gacha ring for someone allows you to see what the effects of having an S rank version of that character will be. Some come with extra skills, like S Navarre has an extra crit skill included, some are only stat boosts.