Fire Emblem Fates

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  • Start with Birthright if you're new to the series
  • Don't be afraid to play on Casual if you don't enjoy the permadeath mechanic!
  • Birthright Hard is roughly equivalent to Conquest Normal. Conquest's difficulty is sometimes overstated online, but it's a lot more difficult than the other two because of the WAY in which it's difficult. Birthright/Revelation throw big numbers at you; Conquest has enemies with access to powerful skills.
  • Master Seals are pretty much unchanged. Heart Seals allow you to switch ala Second Seals but your level doesn't reset and you can't demote. Partner Seals and Friendship Seals work the same way, only they borrow your S-rank and A+-rank's classes respectively. Eternal Seals lift a class's level cap by 5.
  • Some special classes will keep giving you skills up to level 35. This is particular to the amiibo and DLC classes, but also Azura's class, Songstress.
  • You get skills from classes you "skipped" every time you level in your new class. For instance if you promoted over from General to Paladin at 16, then 17 and 18 would get you the two Cavalier skills, 19 and 20 would be Paladin ones.
  • You can buy skills from other castles provided they have the unit you want with the skill you want. This does cut down on the grind, but it can make already good units OP very quickly.
  • Units that use the Replicate skill share everything: damage taken, item uses, supports, and heals. Putting both on the front line can get them killed pretty fast, but putting one on the front and letting the other hang out near your healer can make them live forever.
  • Kids are not the powerhouse eugenics success stories they once were. Pair off however you like, comfortable in the knowledge that there really aren't any insanity difficulty hardmode DLC obligatory S-ranks, at least as far as I know.