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  • Outbuildings line hunter lodges do not require heat, same as any other building that people don't spend a lot of time in, so put them on the outside.
  • Never take the missions requiring you to continuously heat homes. Inevitably your heat will blip for half a second and it will be a huge hit to morale.
  • Send scouts out as much as you can. Basically have them running continuously.
  • Inevitably you will have to choose between doing something bad and making the game much harder, that is the whole point of the game.
  • Expeditions travel twice as fast when their destination is known, so travel to a distant known location before spurring off to explore. The direct path back is fine.
  • Soup isn't great either.
  • Make a new law every time you can, including pausing and doing it at the start. There's an increasing cooldown on new laws and like research you want to get to the bottom asap
  • Think of morale as a currency and hope as a lose condition. Fill those bars up! Emergency work right at the start can help give your colony a boost and a normally running colony can weather permanent longer hours
  • Cold people get sick and this can cause a death spiral as healthy people auto-shuffle through your one illness-causing edge meat locker building
  • Gather huts are useful not only because they keep your people warmer but they also increase gather rate by letting one guy gather from all nearby patches simultaneously. Build them.
  • You can put people in gather huts and also manually gather the same patch if you're trying to deplete quickly to free up the land
  • Manually heating buildings and the smaller heaters are almost always a more cost effective option than bumping your central furnace
  • Don't overheat! People treated will almost always get better, and the difference between liveable and comfortable is small. Just avoid "cold" for buildings.
  • You can build multiple lifts which let you have multiple temporary colonies, one per lift
  • Coal Thumpers are really good but don't automatically add coal to your inventory. You need gathering huts to collect the coal piles.
  • Workshops are some of the most important buildings you can build. Having enough workshops for most of your engineers is very helpful.