Fury Unleashed

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  • Feel free to start on easy if you're not familiar with the mechanics but if you have played games like Neon Abyss, Hades or Enter the Gungeon, it should be second nature barring any button remapping.
  • Focus unlocking and upgrading skills that involve the Combo Meter and Ink Gain. The meta progression revolves around gathering Black Ink from defeated enemies and the Combo Meter will increase the amount of ink you earn as you increase the combo.
  • Combo Shields are your best friend! Once you unlock Combo Shields, you gain a shield up to a max of 3 for every increment of 5 in a combo. A shield gained at 5, 10, 15, etc etc. These shields block one hit each and make it so your combo isn't broken. You can regain a shield by reaching a multiple of 5 in your current combo. If you're at 19 combo and lose a shield, when you kill your next enemy, you will gain back the shield.
  • You can refill the Combo Meter in many ways such as: Shooting/Hitting/Killing an enemy, picking up ink, teleporting, standing next to a chest/Inkmaster/Vlad/etc.
  • Starting ranged weapon choice is mostly up to personal preference. I recommend the Shotgun, the spread is nice because even if only one bit of the shot hits, it keeps the combo count up.
  • Starting melee weapon is personal preference, they all have the same damage.
  • When playing, you can get new weapons and armor. Pay attention to not just the damage or the armor rating, but also what bonuses they have. It might be best to keep a piece of armor that has a lower armor rating or is even broken, but has a great bonus. For example, you can have gloves that have a Lucky Reload bonus which is a percent chance to auto-reload your weapon, even if the gloves have no durability, the bonus stays. For weapons, you can get an idea of how they function by paying attention to the clip size, DPS and Single Bullet Damage. Something that has a low clip size and low damage per bullet, but has a high DPS means it's most likely a shotgun style weapon.
  • Use the environment to your advantage and remember that you don't always need to be running or dodging. Slower movement can help with better positioning to dodge enemy bullets.