Gears Tactics

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  • All abilities, including grenades, are on cooldowns, so don't be afraid to use them when you need to.
  • Early on you will be able to use the same units for every mission, but later on they will be limited to one use per set of missions, so make sure you keep a decent roster going.
  • Overwatch is very powerful, but works differently than games like Xcom. You set up an overwatch cone, then you will fire on anyone who moves inside that cone for as long as your ammo and the points you committed to overwatch hold out. Note that you can proc overwatch on a single enemy unit multiple times, so you are able to shoot strong enemies several times with one overwatch. The cone limits your coverage area, of course, but enemies tend to charge around stupidly and predictably anyways. Additionally, there does not seem to be any aim penalty for overwatch shots.
  • Healing grenades are best used to revive fallen soldiers.
  • Soldiers can be downed twice, and will be picked up with one of their health bar chunks missing.
  • There is a short grace distance at the end of your movement range that allows you to move a few extra yards as long as you end up in cover which can add up when moving long distances.
  • Missions with timers tend to be obvious, and if you aren't in one then it's often worth just sitting still for a few turns to recharge your cooldowns before moving on. There's nothing worse than coming across an emergence hole just to find everyone has grenades on a five turn cooldown.
  • E-holes seem to close on their own after three turns.
  • Always destroy secondary targets before taking on large foes; even basic enemies can mess you up, especially those with melee attacks of opportunity.