Generation Zero

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  • Schematics are the name of the game, most of which can be found at various locations, but some will be in un-labeled places (like in the back of a police car). There's a lot of them and if there's something specific you're looking for then you probably want to look at this map: Note that as of this post the HEDP rounds for the recoilless rifle is currently bugged and unobtainable.
  • Weapons and (most) attachments will have a 1-5 star rating, with the higher stars being specifically better than the lower ones. For weapons this is pretty straightforward, but for optical attachments this generally means a cleaner sight picture.
  • Vision mods can be attached to a pair of binoculars or certain scopes on weapons, there are combo ones so once you have those there's no reason to keep the single type mods
  • How you kill a robot will affect what loot it drops, but in ways that make sense. Blow up the fuel cell and it no longer has a chance to drop one, destroy the optics and there's no chance of it dropping any, and so on.
  • Just because you run out of stamina doesn't mean you're unable to run, you'll just be jogging instead of sprinting
  • AP is not necessarily superior to JHP or Soft-point. If you're shooting at armored bits then AP is better, but if they're exposed then the 'softer' rounds will actually do more.
  • Medkits restore a certain number of hitpoints, whereas a few perks will increase your total hitpoints, though the displayed number is still out of 100. That doesn't mean you're healing less as you take that perk, think of it more as if your health is a percentage, not an absolute
  • Silencers are more useful than you might think, if for no other reason than to limit how many robots you alert while you're fighting.
  • Sometimes you'll need to work out a jumping puzzle to get some items/collectables at any given location. Also note that if it says that weapons are in a location, that's pre-placed weapons, not loot in boxes.
  • Gas masks help reduce damage from toxic clouds, but they don't make you immune to it. And you have to equip it as an article of clothing like anything else.
  • Clothing resistance bonuses aren't big, but every bit adds up.