Ghost Song

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  • There are tons of optional bosses and side quests you can do. Many of them you will encounter as you do the game's main mission.
  • The "main mission" is broken up into 5 parts and while you can do them in any order it helps to do Green and Blue in that order (they both are near abilities that make navigating substantially easier)
  • Once you pick up a ship part, the game saves, fast travel won't work, and a bunch of enemies activate along your path home. If you just barely beat a boss guarding the part and have next to no health left, you might want to try going back to a savepoint and healing.
  • If an NPC is speaking out loud you can't press up to speak with them. this doesn't mean that you won't be able to when they're done. There's one NPC who greets you with a fairly long voiceline when you walk past them and I honestly assumed it was just set dressing the first half dozen times I passed by them.
  • Ghost song has a dark souls inspired quest system, which is to say that the quests sometimes rely on you tracking down an NPC in the world to move onto the next step, and nothing really tells you where they are. it's generally straightforward where you find them, but don't feel bad if you're getting to the end and need to look up where one of them is.
  • There's a kind of pseudo day system in the game: Every time you return a ship part, the Dead Suit will go to sleep and when she wakes up, everyone gets new voice lines, the shop stocks new items, and quests move onto the next step.
  • If you miss a quest step and return a ship part, saving the game and restarting will advance any ongoing quests to the next step.
  • The fist weapon has an INCREDIBLY useful air attack. It gives you extra air time, like a partial double jump, and does full damage. you can use this to explore areas before you normally should be able to.