God Eater Resurrection

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  • Try out the base weapons first and decide on one. You don't want to spread your upgrade materials out across multiple types because they can be time consuming/luck based to get.
  • I generally avoided bullets/gun altogether because I didn't find it effective. The healing bullets can be helpful though, especially if you are playing with other people.
  • That being said, there are recipes online for super bullets that can deal absurd amounts of damage. They require a lot of tinkering with parts though, because the custom bullet system is really unintuitive (in my opinion anyway).
  • Quick Devour is good for keeping your Burst active and is relative safe. Charge Devour is more effective, but you're locked into place for a few seconds while you charge so you run the risk of taking a hit and wasting health/Burst time.
  • Manage your items. A lot of junk can pile up in your quick selection which increases the amount of time you need to spend cycling through in the middle of a fight. Just take things that you know you'll use (healing, poison healing, stuff like that). I find it also helps to group item types together, like keeping all the healing items grouped next to each other.