Grim Dawn

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  • If you wanna wreck shit fast, pick a skill and level it up a bunch instead of spreading your points out.
  • "Armor in Grim Dawn is location-based. Whenever an enemy attacks you with a physical attack or skill, an area on your body will be randomly selected to take the hit. What this means is that upgrading your equipment is equally important across all armor slots. Wearing low level leg armor can be tempting if it provides you with beneficial stats, but it can also spell your doom if a particularly strong attack lands on your legs."
  • Constitution helps you automatically heal outside combat... to a point. The easiest way to restore constitution is to pick up rations, level up, or die.
  • "You can earn up to 50 Devotion Points throughout Grim Dawn's 3 Difficulty Modes."
  • If you have an item that gives you an active skill, you'll need to set that on your hotbar to use it.
  • You can add components to any (eligible) piece of equipment, and if you add a partial component to an item, you can add other component parts later and complete it on your item, so you don't have to worry about finishing a component first.