Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure

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  • After the first level, which is more of a tutorial than anything, you get medals based on your performance in the level. These medals are based on whether you found/destroyed/defeated every chest, pot, and enemy. Your grade also goes down every time you Continue, so feel free to use consumables with impunity if you're in danger.
  • As soon as possible, upgrade the Goggles item. Going underwater deals damage to Parin, but at level 2, Goggles will nullify that damage completely. Between platforming, underwater enemies, and hidden areas, nullifying water damage is an extremely convenient QoL that should honestly probably just be part of Parin's default abilities.
  • The way the price scales, it's probably worth it to keep all your gear no more than 1 level behind your best gear, just in case it comes in handy.
  • Speaking of medals, they can be used to trade in for headgear in town. One of the first headgear you can get, the Monkey Hat, increases Pockle pickups, so depending on your brain goblins, you might want to pick it up right away. One cosmetic item requires maxing out your Pockles out, so starting early in the game is beneficial.
  • If you're going for S ranks on every level, your first time through a level, break everything. In early levels, environmental objects like trees usually just drop Pockles, but in later levels, enemies can be hiding in them.