Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

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  • Print out the birthdays for the villagers and their favorite gifts. You can find out this information ingame but it's only through events or dialogue.
  • Don't just toss items on the ground. This counts as garbage. Make sure you put weeds and such into the bin.
  • Your first year is going to suck when it comes to festivals.
  • Upgrade your ax, watering can, and hammer.
  • Don't leave animals outside in the rain. Don't leave your puppy outside until he's grown.
  • If I recall, your crops can be watered twice a day.
  • Try to ship 100 of each crop for each season - this unlocks special crops.
  • Get a basket ASAP.
  • Take the basket with you when mining in the mining cave so you can cram lots of valuable ores in to sell; this is the best/only way to make any meaningful cash in winter.
  • Chop lumber like a motherfucker; you'll need it for house upgrades; can't get married without house upgrades.
  • Buy all the cooking utensils for sale on TV.
  • Do not get exhausted while mining and lose your basket. Seriously stop at the point you literally fall over from exhaustion, but before you fall over and can't get back up.