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  • There are secrets everywhere. Look for messages and hidden walls - there is, in fact, one type of wall tile that often hides a secret.
  • Just because you can go into an area doesn't mean you always should. It is very easy to sequence-break and get frustrated when you find yourself in a high-level zone.
  • The clock in the upper left corner of your screen indicates when Things Happen in the zone you're in. When it hits the hour marked in orange, you want to be really careful.
  • You don't upgrade your weapons themselves; instead, you spend currency on improving conductors that boots the weapon's parameters but can be switched from weapon to weapon. There are several types of conductors and they give different abilities.
  • At the same time, you get better with weapons the more you use them, this also unlocks weapon abilities.
  • The true final boss is hidden behind a fairly obscure sidequest; don't feel bad for looking it up.
  • Magic is tied to weapons - you get new "spells" as you level the weapon in question up.
  • You can walk on the outside of the space station for a short while before dying; in order to stay there longer, you will need to find and repair (or craft) a spacesuit.
  • Get ready for some immmensely frustrating -and required- platforming.
  • In some zones, there are well-hidden obelisks that transport you into a mirror dimension of sorts. Some items and bosses can only be found there.
  • One of the in-game goals is to collect 100% data. This doesn't mean you need to collect every single message and entry - the game actually has more than 100%.
  • There is a sidequest that, if finished, actually makes the final boss fight harder.