Heroes of Might and Magic V

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  • Plot central characters do carry over in between missions and will continue to show up all the way throughout the campaign, so you'll want to be careful how you develop them so that you don't waste one of their skill slots on something worthless. Stat bonuses and such do carry over too, so it's a good idea to try to visit structures that give out those with any of the important heroes before you finish a map. The generic heroes you can hire in taverns will always start at level 1 on new missions, so you don't need to worry about leveling them up.
  • The only real important piece of advice I can give for the game is to always make sure your creatures strike first in battle. Before you move anything you should check the enemy movement ranges to make sure you don't put yourself somewhere where you'll be hit first. It should always be your goal to make it through fights with no casualties if possible, especially when fighting random monsters on the map. Save up everything you can for when you start taking on the enemy heroes and castles.