Hitman: Contracts

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General Information

  • The primary difference between difficulties is the speed of detection, enemy damage, and the number of save slots that you have.
  • You can replay missions once you beat the game. The interface for this is janky and may make you feel like you're overwritng your save, but it works.
  • SWAT and similar law enforcement officers are not to be taken lightly - they work as a team, have high-powered weapons and their armor makes them extremely resistant to damage. On the other hand, you can take their armor...


  • All firearms found in a mission can be unlocked for further use if they are carried out of the mission. Sniper rifles are especially rare, and often hard to...extract from their previous owners.
  • Sadly, no, this does not include melee weapons or the stun gun. Sorry!
  • Each mission will also reward you with a special firearm for completing it with the Silent Assassin ranking. Most of these aren't too interesting, but some are superior silenced versions of other guns.
  • One last pair of weapons, one an old friend, will require finding an item in one of the last missions of the game, then using it in the very first mission.