Homeworld 2

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  • Single player is impossible, don't even try.
  • Ignore that, its entirely doable, just MAKE SURE AND PATCH before you do. Pre-patch, the game is completely broken.
  • They lied to you, Homeworld 2 is not a RTS.
  • It is a TBS, since if you want to win you will have to pause practically second and micro stupid shit. The moment something dies, pause and redirect your blob into killing the next important target.
  • PULSARS PULSARS PULSARS, if you use gunships beyond the free ones, you're stupid.
  • There will always be breaches in the starboard fusion chamber, do not grow attached to your frigates.
  • Using all torpedo frigates is actually not the best of ideas unless you feel like making ion platforms out the wazoo.
  • Oh God you tried single player didn't you? Well you should know that your Frigates have a lifespan of approximately 20 seconds. Also, Pulsar Corvettes are exceedingly good at ripping other Corvettes, Fighters, and some Frigates to pieces. Build as many Pulsar Corvettes as you can.
  • Be careful with your ships and take it slow (yes, it is damn tedious at times, especially the level where you have to stay hidden in a dust cloud), move everything in one group and always defend your resource operations. And always upgrade your ships as soon as the upgrade appears (armor especially). By the time I was halfway through the game I had such a massive armada that I just kind of drifted up to the enemies and slaughtered them without actually thinking about it.
  • Also the last level is really easy, just station interceptors where the planet killer missiles pass through before they enter the atmosphere, then slowly take Sajuuk back and forth to kill the platforms.
  • Sajuuk has a functional Combat Hyperjump at no cost(I believe the hotkey is Y-Otherwise, check the HUD). Use this to get to the Unknown Vessels.
  • The game has dynamic difficulty-the more you start with at mission start, the more the enemy will bring to bear. So it's a toss-up. I believe the issue pre-patch was it came on too strong with it's scaling.
  • Try scuttling all your ships at the end of the previous mission. Seriously. There will be less enemy ships in the mission you're having problems with.
  • Towards the end of the single player campaign there are a few fights where you can be fighting 6+ battlecruisers at once. Bombers are absolutely key her - ave your bombers start taking out the engines of the enemy battlecruisers, then the heavy missile bays. At the same time have your cap ships shimmy to the side while attacking the battlecruisers your bombers haven't attacked yet. What happens is that you roll out of the way of the main guns on the crippled Vaygr battlecruisers (which fuck shit up) and destroy the battlecruisers that are still functional while your bombers cripple the rest.