Horizon Forbidden West

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  • Some items in the Junk category are useful. Pristine Skulls can be traded for other animal bones.
  • If you want to upgrade something, just create a job for it whenever you're at a workbench and it'll automatically show you where to find the nearest components that you need.
  • A few areas will be inaccessible to you at first and will only become available after certain plot-related upgrades, so it does help to progress the story.
  • Purgewater disables many elemental attacks and also reduces a machine's resistance to elemental attacks.
  • Many sidequests offer good weapons and armor this time around, so it does also help to complete them as they appear.
  • You're invincible while performing a Valor Surge and so can also use it to escape explosions, machine charges, and environmental damage.
  • Unlike Zero Dawn, the game world persists after completing the main story, so there's nothing that can be permanently missed.
  • If a weapon looks at all interesting, just grab it! Weapons are cheap, and most have a unique combination of ammo types.
  • Green weapons stay relevant much longer than in Horizon Zero Dawn, and blue weapons can remain situationally useful the whole game.
  • You only need to get within 40 steps of a campfire to unlock it for fast travel (i.e. you don't actually need to go up to it and use it), so sometimes it's worth making a detour during exploration to unlock a campfire for future use.
  • Herbalists in settlements sell pouch upgrade materials, with the furthest southwest settlements having the full variety for sale.
  • Animal skins and bones sell for a lot, so hunting easy game like peccaries and owls as you see them is a good way to keep your cash flow positive.