Horizon Forbidden West

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  • Some items will appear on the resources tab as junk, but they can actually be used for some lategame upgrade recipes. Hold onto Metal Blocks, and Pristine Skulls. Ancient junk and ingots can safely be sold for shards. Apex hearts that are in the junk group are safe to sell. The useful ones appear in the gear upgrade resources category.
  • If you want to upgrade something, just create a job for it whenever you're at a workbench and it'll automatically show you where to find the nearest components that you need.
  • A few areas will be inaccessible to you at first and will only become available after certain plot-related upgrades, so it does help to progress the story.
  • Purgewater disables many elemental attacks and also reduces a machine's resistance to elemental attacks.
  • Many sidequests offer good weapons and armor this time around, so it does also help to complete them as they appear.
  • You're invincible while performing a Valor Surge and so can also use it to escape explosions, machine charges, and environmental damage.
  • Unlike Zero Dawn, the game world persists after completing the main story, so there's nothing that can be permanently missed.
  • If a weapon looks at all interesting, just grab it! Weapons are cheap, and most have a unique combination of ammo types.
  • Green weapons stay relevant much longer than in HZD, and blue weapons can remain situationally useful the whole game.