Hyper Light Drifter

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  • Easiest to hardest from the hub is probably East, North, West, South, but do whatever.
  • Warping makes enemies respawn.
  • There's a certain mark on the floor, a small square with an "L" shape in it, that tells you a secret is nearby. Keep an eye out for it.
  • Get a grenade, the bullet-deflection sword move, and the chain dash. Just about everything else is personal preference, but those are your bread-and-butter, and will save your life many times over. The other sword techniques are good too.
  • All of the costumes have slightly different effects, and you'll figure most of them out as you go, but it's probably not so much that you can't afford to just wear what looks the best to you.
  • Sometimes, you'll have to come back later. It happens.
  • Immediately after you beat the game, without quitting out, go back to your file and press right for a little epilogue scene. If you miss it, you'll have to beat the final boss again.
  • Then, watch the opening again once you've seen the ending and marvel at all the crap you missed the first time.
  • There are more than four triangle pieces in each section - the game only shows you four on the map because that's what is required to reach the boss.
  • You can double you damage by getting in the habit of hitting the "Fire Gun" button, immediately followed by the "Slash Sword" button. There's no delay between the two, so you can hit twice in one go. The slashes will adequately recharge the starting gun, so you also never have to stop using this technique because of ammo.