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  • Unless you have Black Goat or extremely good squirrels, 3-sacrifice cards are a trap. 1s and 2s are good, especially with a Cat, but 3s are win-more.
  • Hyper-offense/damage racing is a valid strategy; there's no penalty to taking a ton of damage as long as you still win.
  • Not only can you stand up and walk around and fiddle with things, doing so is necessary to advance the plot at several points.
  • Don't hoard your items or wait until the last possible second, some are better used early on in a tough fight to give you some momentum.
  • Ouroboros
    's self-buff is actually permanent, and persists between runs.
  • You'll get your own totem eventually, and can get more options for it by visiting the right locations.
  • Unless you're specifically building around something else, putting a good ability on your squirrels is probably the best use.
  • You can cheese most of the bosses' gimmicks if you plan for it. This is intentional.
  • There are multiple possible ways to 'go infinite', and most of them are also intentional.