Iron Danger

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  • There's no reason to kill all the enemies on the map, or even all the enemies that you see.
  • On the other hand, once enemies see you, they'll follow you forever until you kill them \ put an obstacle in their way.
  • Roosterfish and trolls are the only monsters hostile to other enemies. Everyone else get along with each other.
  • You can cast positive enchantments on enemies, which is occasionally useful.
  • Knocking enemies off edges with explosions (or getting knocked off yourself) is an insta-kill. The kick can't actually knock people off cliffs though.
  • It seems most people don't read tutorials, so - right click to see enemy resistances, CTRL to move both characters at once in combat, SHIFT to cue actions in advance.
  • Stealth weeds help fire spread, enhanced flaming weapon improves your resistance to explosions, the Automaton's ranged shot is the best tool in its arsenal.