Jet Set Radio

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  • The graffiti patterns are different from character to character. If you have trouble doing the motions I suggest switching. I used Garam nearly the entire game, since I rarely messed up his notions on a 360 gamepad. He's the first challenge you get, so you unlock him really soon. I suggest picking the Noise Tank mission as your second mission, since the one against the Love Shockers is far trickier. After finishing the second mission, Garam will challenge you.
  • The police presence will ramp up in a level depending on how much of the graffiti you've sprayed. Generally it's better to go for the graffiti in the open areas first, since the police is most likely to harass you there. They have trouble getting to you in the higher areas, nooks and crannies so save those for later when there's more police running around.
  • The missions where you have to tag gang members suck. That's just the way it is. The gang members will constantly follow a certain route though, so even if you mess up a lot you will eventually know where they'll stop and wait.
  • The challenges where you need to race someone are really hard if you don't know the exact route, so you'll probably fail them the first time. Your opponent will stop if he/she gets too far ahead of you, so don't hit that reset button too quickly. Take your time to get to know the route. Your opponent will also take fancy routes instead of the shortest path, this allows you to get ahead of your opponent.
  • The levels in Jet Set Radio are made of multiple sections that are connected to each other. At first you'll be dropped in a closed off section, but eventually you'll get missions where you have access to the entirety of the level. The minimap can be a bit quirky though: it will show you the map of the section you are in unless you are in one of the "tunnels" CONNECTING one section to another, in which case it will show you the ENTIRE map with all the sections. I'm probably explaining it poorly, but if you get further in the game it will start to make sense.